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Distinguishes itself from other agencies by its genuinely personal level of attention, consistent professionalism, and broad range of services offered, while drawing upon decades of industry expertise.

If you are looking for an exclusive resort for your family, or a special place for you and your partner , we will provide all the tools you need. Luxury Travel Consultants Inc. will give you the opportunity to do business in the most amazing places in the world. We have more destinations than any other.


The foundation of our business is customer satisfaction – providing exactly what our customers want with exceptional customer service. Whatever your specific requirements, we will provide attentive care to satisfy your needs and work continually to exceed your expectations.


Tired of paying maintenance fees for a timeshare that you no longer use? Are you ready to part ways with your timeshare or get rid of it as soon as possible?


Luxury Travel Consultants Inc. are professionals from an industry, with more than 20 years of experience in timeshare and vacations properties and have demonstrated impact on our customers.


While we have certainly grown since 1995, Luxury Travel Consultants Inc. is a responsive and flexible organization. Our dedicated staff have spent considerable time studying, traveling, working, and living overseas. Working with only the best hotels and timeshare companies in the most amazing locations, we offer unparalleled personalized service.


What do you want to learn from the sites and beauty of these new places? What impressions will be left on you by the cultures you see and people you meet while abroad? In every new destination, you will find a new part of yourself, and leave another part of yourself in that same place.


There are many reasons why there is no equity in a timeshare. First and foremost, equity is the difference between the value of assets and the cost of the liabilities of something owned. So in other words it is the difference between the market value of the property and amount of any mortgage or encumbrance. Even though timeshare is treated as real estate, it doesn’t function in the same way.

Luxury Travel Consultants Inc. has years of experience combined with marketing and commercialization of private residence clubs, and we are now expanding our offerings to include timeshare. And when you do business with Luxury Travel Consultants Inc., you can count on our commitment to conducting business with integrity, honesty, dedication and ethical standards that are among the highest in the industry.

Luxury Travel Consultants Inc. Is committed to being a resilient organization that operates efficiently, with minimal disruption. A robust business continuity program is essential to providing reliable service for our customers and establishes how Luxury Travel Consultants Inc. prepares for and responds to unexpected events anywhere in the world.


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